With competitive products and services offered in today’s world, CX becomes the major differentiator. Customer Experience has been driving and will continue to drive loyalty (customer delight) for consumers. At CustomersFirst Now (CFN), we focus on four Customer Delight disciplines (Colleague Engagement, Operational Excellence, Customer Engagement and Behavioral Excellence), which helps you align metrics with goals.

In this case study, we take a leap into Tina’s customer journey with an airline carrier. This airline is committed to offering the best customer experience to its customers, and it has placed its customers at the center of its business.

At each stage of the journey depicted below, you will see CX performance in action, from having Tina onboard before the journey starts, to winning Tina’s loyalty even after the journey ends. You will see in one of the stages how reacting in real time allows the airline to turn an ‘Oh No!’ moment into a ‘WOW!’ moment.

Today, only a few companies are doing these things consistently and doing them well. In this instance, we have just scratched the surface; in future posts, we will dive deeply into each of these stages to uncover the ways that organizations can redesign their entire CX approach.

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) has been refining our CX solutions for more than 40 years – working with and for many Fortune 100 companies. We provide the only proven, predictive process that links Customer Delight to financial performance by incorporating and measuring CX Best Practices across all key business disciplines. For more information, contact Amit Garg, Data Science Leader, at agarg@customersfirstnow.com


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