What's New for CFN Insight™

November 19: Moment of Truth (MOT), Pain Point (PP), and combined MOT-PP icons were added to the touchpoints so you can see even at the default map view where your Moments of Truth and Pain Points are located. Additionally, when an icon is dragged to the touchpoint, the data value in the touchpoint tabs is also synced. 

October 15: Touchpoint color update, social media Instagram icon added, color selection updated for Customer Outcome Stage and Journey Stage. Copy and import/export of Customer Outcome Stage and Journey Stage. The Action Scorecard can be sorted by percentage completion by clicking on the column label so you can see who is on track, and who might need a reminder to complete their improvement tasks. Now, this scorecard report will maintain the sort order when printed.

September 10: Communication Channel View and Swim Lane reports may now be exported. User interface design improvements in reporting and scorecards. Database tuning for improved performance.