What's New for CFN Insight™

CFN Insight™ is our flagship Journey Mapping Platform that enables companies to identify, prioritize, and eliminate the pain points to improve customer retention, acquisition, and overall customers’ experience.

CFN Insight™ won the 2018 Innovator Award for Customer Journey Mapping and has been named a Leader in the Aragon Tech Spectrum™ two years in a row. We are not resting on our laurels though, we continuously strive to stay ahead of our competitors by making product updates and enhancements that make the platform even more valuable for our customers.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

New Icons: TV, Radio, and Chat icons were added to the list of communication icons that you can add to your touchpoints. Add the appropriate communication icon to each touchpoint where you can so that you can see at-a-glance on the default map view which methods of communication your audience is using to interact with you in their customer journey. 






New Report: Touchpoints by Communication Channel

Best Practice: Use the new Report “Touchpoints by Communication Channel” to see if it is line with where you want your customers to be interacting with your company. For example, if most of the interactions are by phone as the chart shows to the right, but if the phone is the most expensive form of communication, you might want to implement a change and monitor your metrics with this report over time. 

Did you know?  You can use the ‘Auto-Complete’ function within all pull-down fields to find the options you’re looking for faster!


New Map View: Single Persona

Best Practice: Personas are a great way to keep track of specific types of people as they interact with your company. For example, you might want to see which touchpoints a “Decision Maker” persona encounters during his/her journey with your company.  This is a powerful visual for understanding how to better cater to the needs of that specific persona that you may be targeting. You will better understand their journey and may decide you want to change the touchpoints this persona experiences, or maybe have them avoid or skip certain touchpoints.






Did you know?  You can set up Alert Reminders for Actions Due which will help you to keep on top of the status of high priority touchpoint goals.

New Swim Lane View:
Customer Persona


Best Practice: With this Swim Lane view, you are able to see how multiple selected personas are interacting along their journey. This would be informative if you are comparing two persons such as the Decision Maker and the End User. In this example above, you notice that the Decision Maker journey touches at all journey stages, but that the end-user who might be influencing the decision maker is not having the same level of interaction, and therefore might have a worse overall experience. Your goal might be to create new touchpoints for the end user in the early journey stages and later journey stages for a more full and improved experience, similar to the Decision Maker’s.

New Icons: Moment of Truth (MOT), Pain Point (PP), and combined MOT-PP icons were added to the touchpoints so you can see even at the default map view where your Moments of Truth and Pain Points are located.  Additionally, when one of these icons is dragged to the touchpoint on the map, the data value in the touchpoint data tabs is also changed to keep these in sync.


Best Practice: When viewing your overall map, you can quickly scan these MOT and PP icons to help you visualize where there are any groups of pain points, or more importantly, where there are groupings of Pain Points which are also Moments of Truth. Those groupings is where you should investigate more because maybe there is a journey stage that needs improvement, or maybe a department or even specific business owner might need more training, more staffing, or better procedures.


New Icons: Social Media icons can be added to each touchpoint to represent your prospects and customers interactions via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media communication channels. For example, if you have a touchpoint for your company’s Facebook page, then you will have a Facebook icon on that touchpoint because posting to your Facebook Wall will be the way they communicate with you from that interaction.


Best Practice: Use the appropriate social media icon to represent how your customers communicate with you via social media for each touchpoint. This gives you a great perspective on overall communication methods by simply viewing your overall map. If you notice any associated patterns like pain points grouped wherever there is a Twitter communication icon, you might want to focus on improving your Twitter page and communication responsiveness for example.


Did you know?  You can change the colors your map’s Outcome Stages, Journey Stages, Touchpoint box background, and all of the data points in the Touchpoint description boxes reports by configuring them under the Attributes Management tab on the main left hand side menu.  



Did you know?  The Action Scorecard can be sorted by percentage completion by clicking on the column label so you can see who is on track, and who might need a reminder to complete their improvement tasks.  This scorecard report will maintain the sort order when printed.