When building a customer-centric culture, there are many success factors to ensure sustainability in your customer processes, behaviors and results. Clearly understanding your customers’ experience; having metrics that cross operations; listening and acting on customer feedback are important components to an integrated customer experience program.

One area that does not get the focus that it deserves is Customer Experience(CX) Training! This is the way to ensure behaviors and skills are embedded at all levels of an organization. Here are our top 10 ‘best practices’ when it comes to training your teams:

  1. Make sure every team member knows he/she serves a customer; internal customers count!
  2. Reward and recognize success along the way
  3. Address all learning styles (visual, audio, and kinesthetic) and needs (hearing- and visually-impaired)
  4. Get the right people with the right talents in the right roles – getting it right makes a HUGE difference
  5. Keep it fun, simple and engaging
  6. Smaller chunks are easier to digest and, most importantly, remember
  7. Brand your training
  8. Create real-life examples, role models and practices
  9. Repeat, repeat, repeat key learnings to build memory muscle
  10. Certify and re-certify participant knowledge through scored tests and certificates of achievement – make this feel ‘serious’ and important

Having trained over 10,000 team members from onboarding new employees to engaging Board of Directors… these “best practices” have been helpful in launching the most impactful and FUN training possible! And remember this is all about making your program sustainable and impactful.

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) has been refining our CX solutions for more than 40 years – working with and for many Fortune 100 companies. We provide the only proven, predictive process that links Customer Delight to financial performance by incorporating and measuring CX Best Practices across all key business disciplines. For more information contact Kerri K. Nelson, CEO & President, at knelson@customersfirstnow.com

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