Customer Service has become a huge differentiator for most companies who want to be perceived as ‘€customer focused’€ and ‘€customer friendly’€. How companies acknowledge, respond and resolve customer feedback and issues will find themselves leaders (or not) in their respective industries. Based on leading and building sustainable customer service operations for two multi-billion dollar companies, here are three best practices that are foundational to your efforts.

Customer Service Best Practices Infographic

All three best practices are critical to your customer service operations. The integration in your planning that brings together

1) a strong customer focus (outside-in lens);

2) process effectiveness (think impact vs. cost savings); and

3) change management (this is about your internal teams)… will guarantee a long lasting and impactful customer service for your customers.

Here is an example of some actual customer service metrics and performance levels that do matter to your customers.


Remember to make your customer service memorable in a positive way. There are many great examples in the world today to NOT have to reinvent what this looks like -€ “it is more important to take the time to implement and act versus over analyze and discuss€” use the 80 / 20 rule. Your customers will notice!

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