OAKLAND, Calif.May 10, 2017PRLog — CustomersFirst Now, LLC (CFN), the leader in Customer Experience (CX) implementation and Journey Mapping software, is announcing major new features in their CFN Insight™ software during the Gainsight Pulse 2017 conference this week: the CFN Customer Journey Dashboard™, the CFN Action Scorecard™, and the CFN Emotion Ratings report.

The new Customer Journey Dashboard feature allows users to view some of the most important reports for each customer journey map on a single screen. Reports and custom views are two of the most robust features of CFN Insight™ because they allow users to monitor activities and progress on resolving customer pain points that lead to Customer Success.

“Our Dashboard is another feature that helps to manage activities and easily view summary data, which is also a terrific way to get key executives and stakeholders engaged in the success of your CX program.” says Steven Williams, VP of Product Management at CFN.

“The most important outcomes of a journey map are the actions taken based on customer insights. Our CFN Action Scorecard is one of the most powerful features in the software because it helps you know the progress being made against action goals at the customer touchpoint level which directly improves your customer’s experience,” says Kerri Nelson, CEO and President at CustomersFirst Now.

“The Emotion Ratings are another new feature with helpful drill-down reports that enable our users to easily identify where customer pain is so that corrective actions can be identified and made very quickly,” continued Williams.

“Journey Mapping does not end with the production of a map – for us, that’s really where it begins. We know Journey Mapping is all about understanding a customer’s journey from their perspective, assigning accountability, and enabling the right actions to deliver the optimal customer experience,” says Nelson.

Look for the CustomersFirst Now booth at Pulse 2017 on May 9-11 at the Oakland Convention Center to see the latest features in CFN Insight™, or to get an in-person demo to see how we can accelerate your Customer Success implementation.

About CustomersFirst Now

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) has developed the only Journey Mapping software that drives internal actions that lead to Customer Delight and financial improvements. CFN has been helping global companies take their CX programs to the next level with more effective surveys, scorecards, training, and journey maps. CFN leverages decades of CX best practices to help those companies that want to be more customer centric. We’ve found that companies who adopt this CustomersFirst program see higher revenue, healthier margins, increased retention rates, and improved overall customer success.

For more information, or to get a free trial or demo, please visit https://customersfirstnow.com/cfn-insight/



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