DENVER, CO, March 23, 2017 – CustomersFirst Now, LLC (CFN), a leader in Customer Experience (CX) Program implementation, has released CFN Insight™, a ground-breaking Customer Journey Mapping software that drives internal actions, and leads to Customer Delight and financial results.

CFN Insight is a SaaS-based business management application that empowers every business touchpoint owner to measure, manage, communicate about, and report on customers’ experience. “When all business owners are working together daily to optimize the customer touchpoints that matter, clients will begin to see massive results quickly and continually,” offered Anthony Sanchez, VP of Marketing.

“We’ve leap-frogged over all of our competitors in this space and continue to add features, reports, interactivity, and other innovative advancements at a rapid pace,” says Steven Williams, VP of Product Management at CFN.

Customer Journey Mapping tools have historically been a visual snapshot of a customer journey, and are not typically used after the initial mapping process is completed. CFN Insight™ is different from these historic tools.

“We are completely redefining Journey Mapping,” says Kerri Nelson, CEO and President at CustomersFirst Now. “We don’t believe Journey Mapping is only about maps. We believe Journey Mapping is about understanding customers’ needs and how to deliver the optimal customer experience to them by leveraging our software and the best practices we embedded into it.”

Nelson, cofounded CustomersFirst Now in 2014 after having spent most of her career as champions of Customer Delight and realizing that there were no firms that could bring together the best practices, analytics, tools, and practical experience to maximize customer experience. “I saw an opportunity for us to use our experience to help other companies to better serve their customers. I felt that CustomersFirst Now would be the most gratifying company for us to build,” states Nelson.

About CustomersFirst Now

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) has developed the only Journey Mapping software that drives internal actions that lead to Customer Delight and financial improvements. CFN has been helping global companies take their CX programs to the next level with more effective surveys, scorecards, training, and journey maps. CFN embeds CX best practices and decades of learnings into the culture of those companies that want to be more customer centric. We’ve found that companies who adopt this CustomersFirst program see higher revenue, healthier margins, increased retention rates, and improved overall customer success.

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