Denver, CO, December 6, 2018 – CustomersFirst Now (CFN), a leading provider of Journey Mapping software and Customer Experience consulting services, has been named the winner of the 2018 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Customer Journey Mapping.

This award recognizes CFN’s continued innovation of its Customer Journey Management platform, CFN Insight™. CFN Insight™ is a SaaS platform for companies that want to become more customer-centered by delivering market-leading customer experiences.

CFN Insight™ has been innovative because it not only provides a customer’s journey visualized as a map, but it also provides a database of relevant customer information behind each touchpoint that can be viewed or reported on in hundreds of different ways to best understand the overall customer journey. With the amount and type of data the journey map can hold, CFN Insight™ helps companies correlate customer pain points to financial outcomes and then manages the completion of prioritized improvements through a collaborative workflow process. The result is a rapidly improving customer experience that yields significantly increased customer acquisition, retention, and revenue gains.

“We’ve been focused for the past 15 years on improving customer experiences that drive both customer delight and financial growth.  We built CFN Insight™ to help companies manage, enhance and track their customers’ journey since this is becoming the most important brand differentiator and indicator of long-term company success. We’re thrilled to have won this Innovation Award, and to lead the effort to bring CX benefits to every company” said Kerri Nelson, CEO of CustomersFirst Now.

The CFN Insight™ software platform was launched early last year and was included as a Leader in the 2017 Aragon Research Tech Spectrum report for Customer Journey Mapping.

Vendors are selected for Innovation Awards based on the core innovation of their product or service. This Aragon Research Innovation Award recognizes vendors leveraging visionary use of technology to not only adapt as markets change, but to actively disrupt and inform how their markets will evolve. CustomersFirst Now was formally presented with the award on December 6th, 2018 at Aragon Transform, the annual Aragon Research awards ceremony held in Redwood City, CA. The identification of an Aragon Research award winner is not an endorsement by Aragon Research of any vendor, product, or service.

About CustomersFirst Now CustomersFirst Now (CFN) is a leading Customer Experience company helping organizations implement enterprise-wide CX programs and Customer Journey Mapping solutions. After 15 years of developing CX frameworks and best practices that work, we developed CFN Insight™, an award-winning and market-leading Journey Mapping software that drives customer insights and actions to help improve the end-to-end customer experience. We’ve found those companies who adopt our ‘Customers First’ approach experience better retention rates, increased revenue, and improved overall customer success. For a free trial or demo, please visit

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