Buying a new car can be a charming experience! A company can either please or disappoint a customer during the various touchpoints across the customer journey. The most prominent factors influencing a customer’s delight are overall delivery process, service received from the dealership and demonstration of the vehicle features.

A results of a survey* conducted across North American customers reveals many significant attributes that notably affect customers’ delight! The infographic below illustrates a few of them.

With advanced technology these days, a dealership can initiate a messaging system, letting customers know where they are in the queue, and thus helping to reduce anxiety and increase overall satisfaction. Demonstration of new vehicle features is critical. This is an excellent opportunity for the dealership to excel during a ‘moment of truth‘, enrich the customer experience, and help the customer make an informed decision. Using a data driven approach will help dealers identify convenient locations for showrooms & service centers, spread coverage appropriately, and therefore enhance customers’ delight!

*The survey was conducted with nearly 6000 customers across dealers in North America, covering major auto manufacturers

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