Some of the best insights come from analyzing customer data in a new way. Many companies have years’ worth of customer survey data, much of which has only been given a cursory review by the marketing team. Imagine the possibilities if your company was to take this data, hand it to a team of data scientists who would also examine your industry, call center data, NPS scores, and customer journey mapping data, and combine all their statistical models.

This is exactly what CustomersFirst Now has accomplished with our clients, who could not be more pleased with the results. We’ve applied text analytics to customer survey responses (a tactic which was previously unheard of) resulting in some truly astounding realizations and profound changes that were made for the benefit of the customer experience.

If you want to hear more about our data-driven strategies from an actual customer, you can register for our next webinar with WebPT here.

New Type of Customer Data

Customer Journey Mapping software is becoming increasingly popular and is generating data both from and about customers. Some of this new information might be how your customers “feel” about their experience with your company during very specific touchpoints. For example, the support call center is a common touchpoint where large amounts of potential improvement from a customer perspective can be found.

Onboarding is another familiar touchpoint with plenty of possible corrections that can be made to reduce customer churn. So, if onboarding is a “Pain Point” for your customers, and since it is probably also a “Moment of Truth” touchpoint (meaning it is a pivotal customer decision point which determines whether they will continue doing business with your brand) then understanding and analyzing the data associated with this touchpoint will have a major effect on your customer retention rate.

These new data types add insight and value to your understanding of customer behavior, and help you make immediate improvements to your company processes and policies that will effectively enhance your Customer Experience (CX).

In many of the organizations who want to maintain or enhance their competitive position in the marketplace, CX is becoming a major priority. If your company is considering, or in the midst of, a CX initiative, CustomersFirst Now is the leading expert in CX services and CX Optimization software, so contact us to request a free consultation or free software trial.

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