Many companies will answer yes to this above question. However, many of those same companies will have little to no objective measurements in place to actually measure their delivered customer experience.

While it is true that many companies have some sort of customer surveys, those may likely be measuring only a small portion of the customer experience. Many times, customer satisfaction surveys are focused on the quality of the call center experience or the quality and timeliness of the product. Those are not bad measurements, but they are only a small portion of the overall end-to-end customer lifecycle.

Companies that truly want to focus on their customer as a critical, core business strategy do a lot of things differently than most companies. We know because we work with these companies who have that deep level of intent and passion to re-focus their entire company’s mission, organizational structure, operations, products, services, rewards, training, metrics, reports, and even job titles to be focused from the customer perspective.

We call these companies ‘customer first’ companies because they are so focused on thinking about their business from the customer perspective first. It’s also why our company name reflects our own desire to help our customers transform into a customer first company.

To become a customer first company means having to manage, shape and transform a company. This cannot be done unless you are measuring CX from many different angles. Journey Mapping software allows companies to measure these CX metrics, and track the improvements to your CX over time. Journey Mapping software is an extremely useful application that customers first companies can also use to ensure accountability, prioritize and resolve customer pain points, visualize and report on the customer journey in numerous ways, as well as provide an ROI for your CX program.

We spoke to many companies this past year who are just starting their CX programs and starting to create their first customer journey maps. If you are one of these companies, you should definitely find out more about journey mapping software applications and how they can help your CX efforts get started, and ensure your CX program continues by showing a positive ROI.

For you CX Leaders who are just starting your role or program, we offer multiple resources to help you. We have a webinar archive that is full of great topics and insights, such as Top 5 Reasons Companies Use Journey Mapping Software, Journey Mapping Best Practices for Great Customer Interviews, and CX Leaders Share their Customer Experience Learnings & Successes.

If you are seeking top-rated CX implementation consultants, (Top 25 CX Solution Providers article page 15), connect with us today and we will provide a free CX consultation and survey program evaluation.

CX Leaders have found very useful our CFN CX Best Practice Assessment that we provide to any company for free. This is a series of questions that we then use to produce a free CX Roadmap report for how you stack up to your industry from a CX perspective and provides a step by step CX guide for your company.

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