Most companies support Multi-channel set up. They support many channels: voice, email, chat; but they typically cannot support multiple channels simultaneously within a single interaction; they cannot link interactions in a step-by-step workflow as in Multimodal or Omni-channel set-up. Depending upon the maturity of a company’s IT infrastructure, a company could fall into any of the three categories: Multichannel, Multimodal or Omni-channel.

Let’s look at a conversation between a customer and global telecom company agent below to see the power of Omni-channel.

A customer sends an email for an address update and later texts the mistyped zip code in his email while walking to the parking garage. The customer then gets into the car and calls up an agent to make him aware of the changes. The conversation goes something like this:

Agent: Good morning Steve!

Customer: Hey morning, just called to say that I had sent an email on an address change and later texted the corrected zip code.

Agent: Yes Steve, we have received both communications and have already made the change in our system. You will receive an address update confirmation by mail within next 48 hours.

Customer: Thanks

Agent: Steve, we also noticed your interest in enquiring about other products via Twitter. We have sent you some detailed information to your email address

Customer: Wow, thanks, that was fast!

Agent: No problem Steve, Also, analyzing your past few months of television usage, I would recommend you to drop off the premium channel subscription and on-demand feature. This will result in approximately $85 in monthly savings. You can opt for it anytime in the future with a single click, if need be.

Customer: Nice, that’s so considerate of you

Agent: One more thing, since you have been a loyal customer of our for so long, as a gesture of thanks, we would like to offer you a two-month free trial of ‘Home-life’ security and also give you a $500 prepaid card if you continue with this service after your trial period ends.

Customer: Wow! I am impressed! Please sign me up and thanks for your suggestion.

An integration of customer engagement platforms resulting in an Omni-channel customer experience will allow customer service staff to see the end-to-end trajectory of a customer’s interactions with the company, regardless of the mode of contact. With this capability, arriving at the Next Best Action for a customer is not a mystery anymore. A company will certainly score high on customer-centric performance metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS) if it looks at the customer journey from an outside-in perspective. And then, it will ultimately see this strength reflected in its financial performance.

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