How to Start Your CX Program

New to Customer Experience? How to take your 1st Stpes to avoid CX Failure.

Download our CX 1st Steps Report that explains how to think about your Customer Experience program and implementation from a different perspective. 

Do you start with a survey, a journey map, an executive sponsor? You weren’t asked to show an ROI – but in 2 or 3 years, someone will most likely ask for an ROI plan then – and it might be too late.

This report was written by CFN’s CEO and CX practitioners who have led Customer Experience, Customer Success, and Customer Delight programs for over 25 years.  

This report lays out a simple process for how to start your CX program so that it ends with success.

CX 1st Steps Report

How to start your CX program the right way - and to make the biggest impact.
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How to Achieve ROCX with
Journey Mapping 2.0

Journey Mapping 1.0 was simply producing a static snapshot of the customer experience journey. Journey Mapping 2.0 is now a live SaaS-based software that operationalizes the entire customer experience in order to drive actions that ultimately lead to financial results and ROI.

CFN Insight is a Journey Mapping 2.0 software visualization tool that enables every customer Touchpoint to have an owner who is responsible for actively managing the metrics and success of their Touchpoints.


With ownership comes accountability for Touchpoint improvements.


Every Touchpoint metric is now being actively managed which drives action.


Trending data across Touchpoints, Journey Maps, and Employees over time is powerful intelligence.

Ease of Use

The user interface is built to be easy to use for all roles to ensure successful implementations.


Robust reports provide valuable management insights and ensure accountability.


Built from the ground up for extensibility, flexibility, and additional integrations.