5 Steps to Customer Delight!

A Customer Experience methodology that
drives profitable revenue growth.

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How did IHS grow from $476M to $2.2B?

The IHS team focused on making acquisitions in well-defined target markets, growing revenues from existing customers, and creating impactful ‘Customers First’ and Colleague Engagement programs.

This White Paper will describe how these step-change programs were implemented and how a customer first focus helped to drive profitable revenue growth for this company..

About CustomersFirst Now

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) is a CX Strategy, Solutions, and Journey Mapping Software provider, and has been implementing customer delight programs for decades within clients globally. We’ve worked with many Fortune 500 and enterprise companies to provide the only proven, predictive process that links Customer Delight to financial performance and ROI. For more information, visit us at www.CustomersFirstNow.com

“Great thought leadership in CX and depth of insight on how to tackle challenges with actions” “Senior leader understanding not only on solutions to the problems, but also counsel on how to approach the problem internally with the executive team”