Journey Map Workshop

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How to Build and Maintain a Customer Journey Map for CX Success.

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Your Customers’ Journey is Quickly Becoming the Leading Indicator of Market Differentiation and Long-Term Company Success


Who should attend?

If you are a CX Program Manager, CCO, VP/Director of CX, or involved in the Journey Mapping process at your company, this is the Workshop you need to attend! 

In this hands-on session, you will learn the Best Practices, tools, shortcuts, and tips from seasoned CX and Journey Mapping practitioners who have built hundreds of maps and managed enterprise CX programs for the last decade.


What will you learn?

  • How to “kick off” your Journey Mapping efforts with your customers and team members
  • Best practices to engaging team members to build impactful journey maps
  • How to use customer feedback to identify Moments of Truth and Pain Points
  • How to build a full end-to-end customer journey map
  • Who to invite to your Journey Mapping workshops and why
  • The best way to structure your mapping workshops for in-person and remote contributors
  • Techniques to capture your map via “post-it” notes and using the latest technology
  • How to gain internal buy-in and accountability
  • How to best use action planning worksheets, scorecards, and survey tools
  • Best approaches to driving internal actions
  • …and so much more!

Workshop Agenda

Share Journey Mapping Best Practices

  • Steps to building a journey map – Best Practices and Learnings
  • Identifying and prioritizing Moments of Truth and Pain Points
  • Engaging team members to own actions and deliver results

Build Your Own Journey Map

  • Identify an end-to-end journey to map
  • Map customer touchpoints
  • Identify Business Owners
  • Identify Pain Points and Moments of Truth

Engage Others to Validate Your Map

  • Who you need to engage with and why
  • Identify touchpoints that need more validation and data points
  • Where to focus your action planning

Workshop Pricing

  • Full day workshop with up to 15 attendees at your site, facilitated by one of our Journey Map experts
  • We will build your initial journey map in our SaaS software from the touchpoints identified in the workshop
  • CFN Insight™ Journey Mapping software 1 year license included
    • CFN Insight™ Standard License with 2 authors and unlimited users
    • Dozens of reports and views of your journey data
    • On-going support

Contact or call 1-877-774-2178 for a quote or for more information.

About CustomersFirst Now  

For over 15 years, CustomersFirst Now (CFN) has been helping B2B and B2C companies implement CX initiatives through scorecards, training, process improvements, and customer journey mapping. We’ve found those companies who adopt our Customers First approach see higher revenue, better retention rates, and improved margins.


About CustomersFirst Now

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) is a CX Strategy, Solutions, and Journey Mapping Software provider, and has been implementing customer experience programs for over 15 years. We’ve worked with many Fortune 500 and enterprise companies to provide the only proven, predictive process that links Customer Delight to financial performance and ROI. We’ve found those companies who adopt our Customers First approach see higher revenue, better retention rates, and improved margins. For more information, visit us at

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