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Next Generation Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping software is no longer just about producing a static snapshot of a customer journey.  The next generation of Journey Mapping software is all about the data that you add, integrate, and collect over time, and what you can do with that data.  

With data-driven maps, you can produce reports, filter different views, and discover patterns in your customers’ behavior and emotions that lead to resolving customer pain points. By adding survey data, NPS, or other customer satisfaction data points to the touchpoints, we can see where Moments of Truth for your customers are.  This focuses your priority to fix those touchpoints that make the most difference first, leading to quickly improved customer satisfaction, acquisition, conversion and retention.

Introducing CFN Insight™- Journey Mapping So Advanced, it Acts as Your CX Workflow Solution

CFN Insight is the most advanced SaaS-based journey mapping software on the market. It is so advanced, the Customer Journey Map is only the start of what you can do.  This software platform also acts as CX improvement framework so you can manage all touchpoints and ultimately make significant and fast improvements to your Customers’ Experience.

CFN Insight™ is all about delivering a best-in-class customer experience

With CFN Insight, you can identify every customer touchpoint, assign a business owner who is accountable for improving the appropriate metrics and success of their touchpoints, and who can manage the workflow of changing and improving your overall CX.

  • Understand your customer’s experience with your company and brand – highlighting strengths and immediate areas to improve
  • Communicate findings with your internal teams to drive actions and improvements
  • Leverage learnings and actions from maps to kick-start your CX or Customer Success program
  • Optimize your customer journey to shorten the buying cycle and reduce churn
  • Create exceptional customer experiences that link actions to improved financial results

Journey Mapping Education

Understanding the Value of Customer Journey Mapping

You Have a CX Journey Map – Now What?