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Join the Journey Mapping ‘2.0’ Revolution with CFN Insight™

Journey Mapping software is no longer just a static snapshot of a customer experience journey. Journey Mapping “2.0” takes a much broader approach by thinking about journey mapping as a company-wide CX Management Platform that dramatically improves Customer Experience.

Introducing CFN Insight™

CFN Insight is our robust SaaS-based journey mapping software that transforms the Customer Journey into. With CFN Insight, you can identify every internal and external touchpoint, assign a business owner who actively manages the metrics and success of their touchpoints. Combined with multiple touchpoint visualizations, analytics, and robust reporting, your business will drive real action and financial results. We’ve seen the Journey Mapping process work astonishingly well, and we believe CFN Insight will be the centerpiece of every customer-centric company’s CX efforts.

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CFN Insight™ is all about delivering a best-in-class customer experience

  • Understand your customer’s experience with your company – highlighting strengths and opportunity areas
  • Communicate findings with you internal teams to drive actions and improvements
  • Leverage to kick start your customer experience program
  • Shorten the buying cycle to simplify your customer journey
  • Create exceptional customer experiences that link actions to improved financial results

Our journey mapping approach is unique and action-oriented

  • Based on 13 years of global experience and over 200 journey maps across 10+ industries
  • Provides the ability to leverage a CFN standard journey map to get you started
  • Includes training and consulting expertise as part of the CFN Insight™ package
  • CX and Analytics experts available to advise globally on best practices
  • Highly intuitive, flexible and easy to understand
  • Ability to capture and store unlimited journey maps for your organization

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