CFN Customer, Starkey Hearing Technologies, has been recognized as a leader in the manufacturing industry by the National Association of Manufacturers because of their operational excellence. 

Starkey is committed to understanding their customers’ experiences and acting to constantly improve the interactions that matter most to their customers. They knew they needed a way to identify what mattered most to their customers and a way to drive their own focus and actions to improve those customer interactions, so Starkey focused on mapping their customer journey.

There is a strong correlation between customer experience and financial outcomes. Customers that have positive experiences with an organization tend to stay longer and buy more. They become more loyal and tell others about both their good and bad experiences.  Customer Experience is fast becoming the key brand differentiator for many organizations.

Starkey evaluated numerous Customer Experience consulting groups and selected CustomersFirst Now (CFN) to assist with the journey mapping and associated data-driven recommendations to drive their customer experience (CX) strategy because of our depth of experience in managing enterprise CX programs.

CFN along with Starkey team members built the customer journey map, validated the touchpoints with customers, created a Customer Experience Promise, and identified key metrics to be included in Starkey’s monthly CX Scorecard.

The benefits from this project far exceeded Starkey’s expectations. Starkey has been able to build and execute on metric-driven action plans to improve customer pain points and CX gaps.  Their CX Scorecard is being used to measure key metrics that have a direct impact on the customers’ experience.

Touchpoints that are most important to customers have been incorporated into their yearly CSAT survey to track improvements and areas that require additional attention.  This project also put the spotlight on the sheer importance and financial value of customer experience to the organization and its future.

“The full customer experience (CX) transcends the manufacturing and use of our hearing aids and accessories – it is how the customer feels about Starkey based on the sum of all interactions with us.”

– Lisa Richards, Chief Experience Officer at Starkey

CustomersFirst Now analyzed their financial, operational, service, and product data with our proprietary algorithms, and generated another major benefit for Starkey by identifying “Revenue-at-Risk” if touchpoints with a poor customer experience didn’t improve. Now they could measure and manage this at-risk revenue.

Another critical outcome for Starkey was the creation of their CX governance framework and a CX Council to ensure a shared focus on customer experience initiatives, prioritizing limited resources, and managing the timing and impact to customers. Starkey learned from CFN that a common customer experience pitfall is a loss of focus and action after the journey map is complete. To prevent this, much attention was placed on creation of a CX governance structure to hold themselves accountable for delivering on objectives and ensuring continuous improvement. Ultimately, the goal of Starkey’s CX Council is to help drive exceptional customer loyalty through a truly intimate and memorable customer experience.

A final by-product of these journey map efforts, CX Council formation, employee customer-focus socialization, and the concrete improvements to their business, is that their customer journey map is now the foundation of their CX program, and they continue to strengthen their customer-driven organizational culture for the long term.

 “The journey map is allowing Starkey to become more proactive rather than reactive.  This is a significant win for our organization.”

– Lisa Richards, Chief Experience Officer at Starkey

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