Bryan Stonecipher

VP of Customer Success

Bryan has been in Sales and Operations for over 15 years. Born and raised in Louisiana, he went to LSU as the 5th generation of his family to attend the university.

Bryan managed the cleanup of Hurricane Katrina by removing over 80,000 cars out of New Orleans to be cleaned and auctioned off. Afterward, he moved to Colorado to expand the auction business west for the next 9 years. During that time he opened over 25 auction sites across the Western US and helped grow the footprint of the company to more than $100 million dollars.  Bryan then traveled the world, building auctions for the world’s largest auction company for the next 2 years were he successfully helped grow the brand internationally.  Some of the countries he traveled to include South Africa, Italy, Australia, China, Chile, Mexico, and France.

He later became CEO of Denver’s largest indoor/outdoor design firm where he helped expand the company into 3 states and increased revenue by $5 million dollars. After the company was sold, Bryan went to work for the largest automotive marketing firm in the nation. While there he expanded the business by adding more than 45 dealerships and 2 of the largest automotive companies.