We’ve recorded over 75 videos and webinars over the last three and a half years here at CustomersFirst Now. These videos are a valuable resource and have covered many interesting insights, trends, and best practices on Customer Experience, Journey Mapping, Employee Experience, Voice of the Customer, and Customer Success. Many of the videos are recordings of our consultants, or our CEO Kerri Nelson, or are a webinar where we had a customer as a special guest presenting their case.

Highest Views per Month

I decided to rank the videos based on views per month, I did this so that the top 10 were not just the oldest videos which have accumulated traffic over the years. In this way, we noticed that some very recent videos are getting some good visibility as well. I think this is informative about which topics are more popular with our audience.

Top CX Themes

  • Customer Case Studies: As you can see, half of the top 10 are case study webinars where our customers are discussing the progress, issues, and results that happened in their company when they worked with CustomersFirst Now on mapping their journeys and focusing on improving their CX.
  • Employee Experience Impact on CX: You might also notice that two of the top three videos focus on the importance of Employee Experience, which we have always promoted as a key driver of a better Customer Experience.
  • Getting Started: Videos that discuss introductory concepts, critical components, and best practices have always been popular, and tend to be some of the highest total views in many of our older videos.

Watch these top 10 videos and you will have a much greater understanding of how much more there is to journey mapping than simply putting a map on the wall, and why CustomersFirst Now is the company you should consider when making your first steps toward improving your CX.

  1. CX Leaders Webinar: The Road to Customer Excellence
    • Case Study: DTN’s COO Mark Holland gave us some great insights about the benefits of focusing the company culture on journey mapping and how that has improved customer experience and has had a great ROI.
  1. How Employee Experience (EX) Impacts Customer Experience (CX)
    • Case Study: Mazher Ahmed from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics shared his recent experience with developing employee journey maps. He talked about why understanding employees (internal customers) is one of the best ways to increase CX and company value.
  1. Employee Experience – A Critical Component of CX
    • This is one of the most recent videos Kerri has made just last month, and it is quite popular already. In it she discusses how a great Employee Experience is so important because it empowers your entire organization to deliver better customer experience. Happy employees + Happy customers = better results all around.
  1. CX Design Principles Best Practices
    • Align your brand and business strategy by utilizing experience design principles in your customer journey map touchpoints to help guide direction for real CX improvements.
  1. You have a CX Journey Map, NOW WHAT?
    • Journey maps are often the first step a company takes to understand their customer’s experience. Journey mapping is a foundational methodology that supports strategic and operational improvements to your customer experience.  Find out from two of the most experienced CX consultants how this is the next step in the evolution to best-in-class CX.
  1. Gaining CX Buy IN
    • Case Study: Liz Bauer from CSG International gave a number of very important lessons in this CX Leader webinar. She talked about how to gain CX buy in from executives using ROI and share price. How CSG is driving real CX improvements by leveraging a strong CX Governance structure. And she talks about the multiple ways her company is changing to become more customer-obsessed.
  1. CX is Not Only About Revenue
    • Companies focus on Customer Experience (CX) mainly for revenue growth. But CX also helps reduce expenses and improve the effectiveness of your organization to lower your bottom line.
  1. CX Bootcamp June 2018 Webinar
    • CX terminology, tips, and journey map best practices. A great introductory overview of CX, journey mapping and VOC basics given by CustomersFirst Now CEO Kerri Nelson.
  1. CX Leader Webinar: Starkey Hearing Technologies
    • Case Study: Starkey Hearing Technologies mission is “Serving Our Customers Better Than Anyone Else”. They walk you through how they used the customer journey mapping process to help them massively improve their customer experience and drive positive results in their organization. “CX is not a department, it is a culture”.
  1. Journey Maps & VOC Surveys: How to Drive Action
    • Case Study: Customer Vicky Stennes, Dir of Customer Experience & Retention, and Kim Chambers from CustomersFirst Now, provide great examples in a case study of how to drive action and financial results using journey mapping software and voice of the customer surveys.


We hope you enjoy watching these videos, and if you are motivated to see positive change in your company, then feel free to contact us.

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